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SCH^^i.EY, F.E. 

^^": \U. IN-^IS PLACE 







\^2fi^ pm:rr?5 ?:fu': 


Ki4i • > . .-trs 



















Associate Professor 

News Supervisor, WILL and WILL-FM 


Associate Professor 

Director of University Broadcasting 






Copyright, 1957 
Price: $1.00 


Although a radio or television newsman may occa- 
sionally stutter through an alliterative phrase, fluff a 
Chinese seaport, or garble the name of a Russian dip- 
lomat, the average listener is not seriously disturbed. 
But the same listener may feel personally offended or 
may question the newsman's cultural background if the 
man at the microphone mispronounces the name of the 
listener's home town (possibly a village of 129 per- 
sons)! It is, of course, next to impossible for a busy 
announcer to determine the correct pronunciation of 
many small communities, which are not listed in the 
pronunciation sections of dictionaries, atlases, or other 
reference books. 

As a first step in alleviating that situation, the edi- 
tors of this work compiled a pronunciation guide for 
all cities and villages in Illinois, as listed in the Postal 
Guide. That book, published in 1948, was distributed to 
ail broadcasting stations in the state, and many re- 
quests were received from other sources. With the 
original printing exhausted, the authors decided to 
revise and expand the guide. 

The present volume includes all cities and villages 
listed in the current Postal Guide, in addition to a num- 
ber of other communities. It also includes all counties 
and state parks, as well as almost one hundred of the 
larger creeks and rivers in Illinois. 

In an effort to determine the pronunciation actually 
used and preferred by the inhabitants of a given com- 
munity, hundreds of place names have been checked 
with students enrolled at the University of Illinois, 
school principals, county superintendents, postmasters, 
radio and television newsmen, residents, and former 
residents of the communities concerned. The problem 
has sometimes been complicated by variations of pro- 
nunciation among residents of a given area. In such 
instances, the editors have carefully re-checked with 
different sources and made every effort to select the 
version most widely used in the area. 

Preferred local pronunciations — in the case of such 
Illinois communities as Cairo and Marseilles, Vienna 
and New Berlin — have been given precedence over 
accepted pronunciations for cities of the same name in 
other states or countries. 


Key 6 

Cities and Villages in Illinois 7 

Counties in Illinois 41 

Rivers in Illinois 44 

State Parks in Illinois 47 

I 5 1 


This pronunciation guide employs the following key 
to vowel sounds and consonant combinations. (Al- 
though there is considerable variation in current prac- 
tice, this key follows the most common phonetic 
symbols used in guides prepared by the press associa- 
tions and broadcasting networks.) 

a is like the a in hat 

ay is like the a in fate 

ah is like the a in arm 

e is like the e in met 

ee is like the ea in heat 

i is like the i in sit 

eye is like the i in ice 

o is like the o in not 

oh is like the o in hoe 

oo is like the oo in shoot 

oo is like the oo in foot 

uh is like the u in cup 

u is like the u in use 

er is like the er in farmer 

k is like the c in cat 

j is like the g in edge 

g is like the g in gun 

ow is like the ow in cow 

oy is like the oy in boy 

aw is like the aw in saw 

air is like the air in hair 

Consonants not listed have their usual sounds. 
Accented syllables are spelled in capital letters. 

[ 6 ] 



Abingdon (Knox) AB-ing-duhn 
Adair (McDonough) uh-DAIR 
Adams (Adams) AD-uhmz 
Addieville (Washington) AD-di-vil 
Addison (Du Page) AD-di-suhn 
Aden (Hamilton) AY-den 
Adrian (Hancock) AY-dri-en 
Afolkey (Stephenson) ah-FOHL-kee 
Akin (FrankHn) AY-kin 
Albany (Whiteside) AWL-buh-nee 
Albers (Clinton) AL-bers 
Albion (Edwards) AL-bi-uhn 
Alden (McHenry) AWL-den 
Aledo (Mercer) uh-LEED-oh 
Alexander (Morgan) AL-eg-ZAN-der 
Alexis (Warren) uh-LEK-sis 
Algonquin (McHenry) al-GAHN-kwin 
Alhambra (Madison) al-HAM-bruh 
Allendale (Wabash) AL-en-dayl 
Allentown (Tazewell) AL-en-town 
Allenville (Moultrie) AL-en-vil 
Allerton (Vermilion) AL-er-tuhn 

Alma (Marion) AL-muh 

Alpha (Henry) AL-fuh 

Alsey (Scott) AWL-si 

Alta (Peoria) AL-tah 

Altamont (Effingham) AL-tuh-mahnt 

Alton (Madison) AWL-tuhn 

Altona (Knox) al-TOH-nuh 

Alto Pass (Union) AL-toh-PASS 

Alvin (Vermilion) AL-vin 

Amboy (Lee) AM-boy 

Anchor (McLean) ANK-er 

Ancona (Livingston) an-KOH-nuh 

Andalusia (Rock Island) an-duh-LOOZ-yuh 

Andover (Henry) AN-doh-ver 

Anna (Union) AN-nuh 

Annapolis (Crawford) an-NAP-oh-lis 

Annawan (Henry) AN-uh-wahn 

Antioch (Lake) AN-ti-ahk 

Apple River (Jo Daviess) AP-puhl RIV-er 

Appleton (Knox) AP-puhl-tuhn 

Areola (Douglas) ahr-KOH-luh 

Arenzville (Cass) AHR-uhnz-vil 

t 7 1 

Argenta (Macon) ahr-JEN-tuh 

Argo (Cook) AHR-goh 

Arlington (Bureau) AHR-ling-tuhn 

Arlington Heights (Cook) AHR-ling-tuhn HEYETS 

Armington (Tazewell) AHR-ming-tuhn 

Armstrong (Vermilion) AHRM-strong 

Aroma Park (Kankakee) uh-ROH-muh PAHRK 

Arrowsmith (McLean) AIR-roh-smith 

Arthur (Douglas) AHR-thuhr 

Ashkum (Iroquois) ASH-kuhm 

Ashland (Cass) ASH-luhnd 

Ashley (Washington) ASH-lee 

Ashmore (Coles) ASH-mohr 

Ashton (Lee) ASH-tuhn 

Assumption (Christian) uh-SUHMP-shuhn 

Astoria (Fulton) as-TOH-ri-uh 

Athens (Menard) AY-thenz 

Athensville (Greene) AY-thenz-vil 

Atkinson (Henry) AT-kin-suhn 

Atlanta (Logan) at-LAN-tuh 

Atterberry (Menard) AT-ter-ber-ri 

Atwater (Macoupin) AT-wah-ter 

Atwood (Piatt) AT-wood 

Auburn (Sangamon) AW-buhrn 

Augusta (Hancock) aw-GUHS-tuh 

Aurora (Kane) uh-ROHR-uh 

Ava (Jackson) AY-vuh 

Avena (Fayette) uh-VEE-nuh 

Aviston (Clinton) AY-vis-tuhn 

Avon (Fulton) AY-vahn 


Bader (Schuyler) BAY-der 
Baileyville (Ogle) BAY-li-vil 
Balcom (Union) BAHL-kuhm 
Baldwin (Randolph) BAWLD-win 
Bardolph (McDonough) BAHR-dawlf 
Barnhill (Wayne) BAHRN-hil 
Barrington (Lake) BAIR-ring-tuhn 
Barry (Pike) BAIR-ri 
Barstow (Rock Island) BAHR-stoh 
Bartelso (Clinton) bahr-TEL-soh 
Bartlett (Cook) BAHRT-let 
Basco (Hancock) BAS-koh 
Batavia (Kane) buh-TAY-vi-uh 
Batchtown (Calhoun) BATCH-town 
Bath (Mason) BATH 

[ 8 ] 

Bayle City (Fayette) BAYL SIT-i 

Baylis (Pike) BAY-lis 

Beardstown (Cass) BEERDS-town 

Beason (Logan) BEE-suhn 

Beaucoup (Washington) BUHK-koo 

Beaverville (Iroquois) BEE-ver-vil 

Beckemeyer (Clinton) BEK-uh-meye-er 

Beecher (Will) BEE-cher 

Beecher City (Effingham) BEE-cher-SIT-ee 

Belknap (Johnson) BEL-nap 

Belle Prairie (Hamilton) BEL PRER-i 

Belle Rive (Jefferson) BEL REYEV 

Belleview (Calhoun) BEL-vu 

Belleville (Saint Clair) BEL-vil 

Bellflower (McLean) BEL-flow-er 

Bellmont (Wabash) BEL-mahnt 

Bellwood (Cook) BEL-wood 

Bclvidere (Boone) BEL-vi-deer 

Bement (Piatt) bee-MENT 

Benld (Macoupin) ben-ELD 

Bensenville (Du Page) BEN-sen-vil 

Benson (Woodford) BEN-suhn 

Bentley (Hancock) BENT-Ii 

Benton (Franklin) BEN-tuhn 

Berlin (Sangamon) BER-lin 

Berwick (Warren) BER-wik 

Berwyn (Cook) BER-win 

Bethalto (Madison) beth-AHL-toh 

Bethany (Moultrie) BETH-uh-nee 

Beverly (Adams) BEV-er-lee 

Bible Grove (Clay) BEYE-buhl GROHV 

Biggsville (Henderson) BIGS-vil 

Big Rock (Kane) BIG ROK 

Bingham (Fayette) BING-uhm 

Birds (Lawrence) BIRDS 

Birkbeck (DeWitt) BIRK-bek 

Birmingham (Schuyler) BIR-ming-ham 

Bishop Hill (Henry) BISH-uhp HIL 

Bismarck (Vermilion) BIZ-mahrk 

Black Hawk (Carroll) BLAK-hawk 

Blackstone (Livingston) BLAK-stohn 

Blairsville (Williamson) BLAIRZ-vil 

Blandinsville (McDonough) BLAN-dinz-vil 

Bloomingdale (Du Page) BLOOM-ing-dayl 

Bloomington (McLean) BLOOM-ing-tuhn 

Blue Island (Cook) BLOO EYE-luhnd 

Blue Mound (Macon) BLOO MOWND 

Bluffs (Scott) BLUHFS 

[ 9 1 

Bluff Springs (Cass) BLUHF SPRINGS 
Bluford (Jefferson) BLOO-fuhrd 
Boaz (Massac) BOHZ 
Bogota (Jasper) buh-GOH-tuh 
Boles (Johnson) BOHLS 
Bondville (Champaign) BOND-vil 
Bone Gap (Edwards) BOHN GAP 
Bonfield (Kankakee) BAHN-feeld 
Bonnie (Jefferson) BAH-nee 
Boody (Macon) BOO-dee 
Borton (Edgar) BOR-tuhn 
Boulder (Clinton) BOHL-der 
Bourbon (Douglas) BUHR-buhn 
Bourbonnais (Kankakee) buhr-BOHN-nis 
Bowen (Hancock) BOH-uhn 
Braceville (Grundy) BRAYC-vil 
Bradford (Stark) BRAD-ferd 
Bradley (Kankakee) BRAD-lee 
Braidwood (Will) BRAYD-wood 
Bremen (Randolph) BREE-men 
Breese (Clinton) BREEZ 
Bridgeport (Lawrence) BRIJ-pohrt 
Brighton (Macoupin) BREYE-tuhn 
Brimfield (Peoria) BRIM-feeld 
Bristol (Kendall) BRIS-tuhl 
Broadlands (Champaign) BRAWD-lands 
Broadwell (Logan) BRAWD-wel 
Brocton (Edgar) BROK-tuhn 
Brookfield (Cook) BROOK-feeld 
Brooklyn (Schuyler) BROOK-lin 
Brookport (Massac) BROOK-pohrt 
Broughton (Hamilton) BROH-tuhn 
Brownfield (Pope) BROWN-feeld 
Browning (Schuyler) BROWN-ing 
Browns (Edwards) BROWNS 
Brownstown (Fayette) BROWNS-town 
Bruce (Moultrie) BROOS 
Brussels (Calhoun) BRUHS-sels 
Bryant (Fulton) BREYE-uhnt 
Buckingham (Kankakee) BUHK-ing-ham 
Buckley (Iroquois) BUHK-lee 
Buckner (Franklin) BUHK-ner 
Buda (Bureau) BU-duh 
Buffalo (Sangamon) BUHF-uh-loh 
Buffalo Hart (Sangamon) BUHF-uh-loh HAHRT 
Buffalo Prairie (Rock Island) 
BUHF-uh-loh PRAIR-ee 
Bulpitt (Christian) BOOL-pit 

[ 10 ] 

Buncombe (Johnson) BUHN-kuhm 
Bunker Hill (Macoupin) BUN-kuhr HILL 
Bureau (Bureau) BU-roh 
Burksville (Monroe) BERKS-vil 
Burlington (Kane) BER-ling-tuhn 
Burnside (Hancock) BERN-seyed 
Burnt Prairie (White) BERNT PRAIR-ee 
Bushnell (McDonough) BOOSH-nel 
Bushton (Coles) BOOSH-tuhn 
Butler (Montgomery) BUHT-ler 
Byron (Ogle) BEYE-ruhn 

Cabery (Ford) KAY-bree 

Cache (Alexander) KASH 

Cadwell (Moultrie) KAD-wel 

Cahokia (Saint Clair) kuh-HOH-kee-uh 

Cairo (Alexander) KAIR-oh 

Caledonia (Boone) kal-uh-DOH-nyuh 

Calhoun (Richland) kal-HOON 

Calumet City (Cook) KAL-u-MET SIT-ee 

Calvin (White) KAL-vin 

Camargo (Douglas) kuh-MAHR-goh 

Cambria (Williamson) KAYM-bree-uh 

Cambridge (Henry) KAYM-brij 

Camden (Schuyler) KAM-duhn 

Cameron (Warren) KAM-uhr-uhn 

Campbell Hill (Jackson) KAM-uhl HIL 

Campgrove (Marshall) KAMP-GROHV 

Camp Point (Adams) KAMP POINT 

Campus (Livingston) KAM-puhs 

Canton (Fulton) KAN-tuhn 

Cantrall (Sangamon) KAN-truhl 

Capron (Boone) KAY-pruhn 

Carbon Cliff (Rock Island) KAHR-buhn KLIF 

Carbondale (Jackson) KAHR-buhn-dayl 

Carlinville (Macoupin) KAHR-lin-vil 

Carlock (McLean) KAHR-lok 

Carlyle (Clinton) kahr-LEYEL 

Carman (Henderson) KAHR-muhn 

Carmi (White) KAHR-meye 

Carpenter (Madison) KAHR-puhn-ter 

Carpentersville (Kane) KAHR-puhn-terz-vil 

Carrier Mills (Saline) KAIR-yer MILS 

CarroUton (Greene) KAIR-uhl-tuhn 

Carterville (Williamson) KAHR-ter-vil 

Carthage (Hancock) KAHR-thej 


Cartter (Marion) KAHR-ter 

Gary (McHenry) KAIR-ee 

Casey (Clark) KAY-zee 

Caseyville (Saint Clair) KAY-see-vil 

Castleton (Stark) KAS-uhl-tuhn 

Catlin (Vermilion) KAT-luhn 

Cave in Rock (Hardin) KAYV-in-RAHK 

Cayuga (Livingston) kay-YU-guh 

Cazenovia (Woodford) kaz-uh-NOH-vee-uh 

Cedar Point (La Salle) SEE-der POYNT 

Cedarville (Stephenson) SEE-duhr-vil 

Centerville Station (Saint Clair) 

SEN-tuhr-vil STAY-shuhn 
Centralia (Marion) sen-TRAYL-yuh 
Cerro Gordo (Piatt) SAIR-uh GOR-doh 
Chadwick (Carroll) CHAD-wik 
Chambersburg (Pike) CHAYM-buhrz-buhrg 
Champaign (Champaign) sham-PAYN 
Chana (Ogle) CHAY-nuh 
Chandlerville (Cass) CHAN-dler-vil 
Channahon (Will) SHAN-nuh-hon 
Chanute Field (Champaign) shuh-NOOT FEELD 
Chapin (Morgan) CHAY-puhn 
Charleston (Coles) CHAHRLZ-tuhn 
Chatham (Sangamon) CHAT-uhm 

Chatsworth (Livingston) CHATS-wuhrth 

Chauncey (Lavi^rence) CHAWN-see 

Chautauqua (Jersey) shuh-TAWK-wuh 

Chebanse (Iroquois) shuh-BANCE 

Chemung (McHenry) shuh-MUHNG 

Cheneyville (Vermilion) CHEE-nee-vil 

Chenoa (McLean) shuh-NOH-uh 

Cherry (Bureau) CHAIR-ree 

Cherry Valley (Winnebago) CHAIR-ree VAL-lee 

Chester (Randolph) CHES-tuhr 

Chesterfield (Macoupin) CHES-tuhr-feeld 

Chesterville (Douglas) CHES-tuhr-vil 

Chestnut (Logan) CHES-nuht 

Chicago (Cook) shi-KAW-goh 

Chicago Heights (Cook) shi-KAW-goh HEYETS 

Chicago Ridge (Cook) shi-KAW-goh RIJ 

Chillicothe (Peoria) chil-uh-KAW-thee 

Chrisman (Edgar) KRIS-muhn 

Christopher (Franklin) KRIS-tuh-fuhr 

Cicero (Cook) SIS-uh-roh 

Cisco (Piatt) SIS-koh 

Cisne (Wayne) SIS-nee 

Cissna Park (Iroquois) SIS-nuh-PAHRK 

[ 12 ] 

Clare (DeKalb) KLAIR 

Claremont (Richland) KLAIR-mahnt 

Clarence (Ford) KLAIR-uhns 

Clarendon Hills (Du Page) KLAIR-uhn-duhn HILZ 

Clay City (Clay) KLAY SIT-ee 

Clayton (Adams) KLAY-tuhn 

Claytonville (Iroquois) KLAY-tuhn-vil 

Clifton (Iroquois) KLIF-tuhn 

Clinton (DeWitt) KLIN-tuhn 

Cloverdale (Du Page) KLOH-vuhr-dayl 

Coal City (Grundy) KOHL SIT-ee 

Coal Valley (Rock Island) KOHL VAL-lee 

Coatsburg (Adams) KOHTS-buhrg 

Cobden (Union) KAHB-duhn 

Coello (Franklin) koh-EL-loh 

Coffeen (Montgomery) KAWF-feen 

Colchester (McDonough) KAHL-ches-ter 

Coleta (Whiteside) koh-LEE-tuh 

Colfax (McLean) KOHL-faks 

Collinsville (Madison) KAHL-inz-vil 

Collison (Vermilion) KAHL-i-suhn 

Colmar (McDonough) KAHL-mer 

Colona (Henry) kuh-LOH-nuh 

Colp (Williamson) KUHLP 

Columbia (Monroe) kuh-LUHM-bee-uh 

Columbus (Adams) kuh-LUHM-buhs 

Colusa (Hancock) koh-LOO-suh 

Compton (Lee) KAHM-tuhn 

Conant (Perry) KOH-nuhnt 

Concord (Morgan) KAHN-kuhrd 

Congerville (Woodford) KAHN-guhr-vil 

Congress Park (Cook) KAHN-gruhs PAHRK 

Cooksville (McLean) KOOKS-vil 

Cooperstown (Brown) KOOP-ers-town 

Cora (Jackson) KOH-ruh 

Cordova (Rock Island) kor-DOH-vuh 

Cornell (Livingston) kor-NEL 

Cornland (Logan) KORN-luhnd 

Cortland (DeKalb) KORT-luhnd 

Cottage Hills (Madison) KAH-tuhj HILZ 

Coulterville (Randolph) KOHL-tuhr-vil 

Cowden (Shelby) KOW-duhn 

Cowling (Wabash) KOWL-ing 

Creal Springs (Williamson) KREEL SPRINGS 

Crescent City (Iroquois) KRES-uhnt SIT-ee 

Creston (Ogle) KRES-tuhn 

Crete (Will) KREET 

Creve Coeur (Peoria) KREEV KOOR 

[ 13 ] 

Cropsey (McLean) KRAHP-see 

Crossville (White) KRAWS-vil 

Crystal Lake (McHenry) KRIS-tuhl LAYK 

Cuba (Fulton) KU-buh 

Cullom (Livingston) KUHL-uhm 

Curran (Sangamon) KUHR-uhn 

Custer Park (Will) KUHS-ter PAHRK 

Cutler (Perry) KUHT-ler 

Cypress (Johnson) SEYE-pruhs 

Dahinda (Knox) duh-HIN-duh 

Dahlgren (Hamilton) DAL-gren 

Dakota (Stephenson) duh-KOH-tuh 

Dale (Hamilton) DAYL 

Dallas City (Hancock) DAL-uhs SIT-ee 

Dalton City (Moultrie) DAWL-tuhn SIT-ee 

Dalzell (Bureau) del-ZEL 

Dana (La Salle) DAY-nuh 

Danforth (Iroquois) DAN-ferth 

Danvers (McLean) DAN-verz 

Danville (Vermilion) DAN-vil 

Darwin (Clark) DAHR-win 

Davis (Stephenson) DAY-vis 

Davis Junction (Ogle) DAY-vis JUHNK-shuhn 

Daw^son (Sangamon) DAW-suhn 

Dayton (La Salle) DAY-tuhn 

Decatur (Macon) dee-KAY-ter 

Decorra (Henderson) duh-KOHR-ruh 

Deer Creek (Tazewell) DEER KREEK 

Deerfield (Lake) DEER-feeld 

Deer Grove (Whiteside) DEER GROHV 

Deer Plain (Calhoun) DEER PLAYN 

DeKalb (DeKalb) duh-KALB 

Delafield (Hamilton) DEL-uh-feeld 

DeLand (Piatt) duh-LAND 

Delavan (Tazewell) DEL-uh-vuhn 

Delhi (Jersey) DEL-HEYE 

DeLong (Knox) duh-LAWNG 

Del Rey (Iroquois) del-RAY 

Dennison (Clark) DEN-i-suhn 

Denver (Hancock) DEN-ver 

Depue (Bureau) dee-PU 

DeSoto (Jackson) dee-SOH-tuh 

Des Plaines (Cook) des-PLAYNZ 

Detroit (Pike) dee-TROYT 

Dewey (Champaign) DOO-ee 

[ 14 ] 

DeWitt (DeWitt) duh-WIT 

Dieterich (Effingham) DEE-tuh-rik 

Divernon (Sangamon) deye-VER-nuhn 

Dix (Jefferson) DIKS 

Dixon (Lee) DIKS-uhn 

Dixon Springs (Pope) DIKS-uhn SPRINGS 

Dolton (Cook) DOHL-tuhn 

Dongola (Union) don-GOH-lah 

Donnellson (Montgomery) DON-nel-suhn 

Donovan (Iroquois) DAHN-uh-vuhn 

Dorchester (Macoupin) DOR-ches-ter 

Dorsey (Madison) DOR-see 

Douglas (Knox) DUHG-luhs 

Dover (Bureau) DOH-ver 

Dow (Jersey) DOW 

Dowell (Jackson) DOW-uhl 

Downers Grove (Du Page) dow-nerz-GROHV 

Downey (Lake) DOW-nee 

Downs (McLean) DOWNZ 

Dubois (Washington) DOO-boyz 

Dudley (Edgar) DUHD-lee 

Dundas (Richland) DUHN-duhs 

Dundee (Kane) duhn-DEE 

Dunfermline (Fulton) duhn-FIRM-lin 

Dunlap (Peoria) DUHN-lap 

Dupo (Saint Clair) DOO-poh 

Du Quoin (Perry) doo-KOYN 

Durand (Winnebago) du-RAND 

Dwight (Livingston) DWEYET 

Eagerville (Macoupin) EE-ger-vil 

Earlville (La Salle) ERL-vil 

East Alton (Madison) eest-AWL-tuhn 

East Carondelet (Saint Clair) eest-kair-on-de-LET 

East Dubuque (Jo Daviess) eest-duh-BUK 

East Galesburg (Knox) eest-GAYLS-berg 

East Lynn (Vermilion) eest-LIN 

East Moline (Rock Island) eest-moh-LEEN 

Easton (Mason) EEST-uhn 

East Peoria (Tazewell) eest-pee-OH-ri-uh 

East Saint Louis (Saint Clair) eest-saynt-LOO-uhs 

Eaton (Crawford) EE-tuhn 

Eddyville (Pope) ED-ee-vil 

Edelstein (Peoria) ED-uhl-steen 

Eden (Peoria) EE-den 

Edgewood (Effingham) EJ-wood 

[ 15 ] 

Edinburg (Christian) ED-uhn-berg 

Edwards (Peoria) ED-werdz 

Edwardsville (Madison) ED-werdz-vil 

Effingham (Effingham) EF-ing-ham 

Egan (Ogle) EEG-uhn 

Eichorn (Hardin) EYE-korn 

Elburn (Kane) EL-bern 

Elco (Alexander) EL-koh 

El Dara (Pike) el-DAIR-uh 

Eldena (Lee) el-DEEN-uh 

Eldorado (Saline) el-doh-RAY-doh 

Eldred (Greene) EL-dred 

Eleroy (Stephenson) EL-roy 

Elgin (Kane) EL-jin 

Elizabeth (Jo Daviess) ee-LIZ-uh-beth 

Elizabethtown (Hardin) ee-LIZ-uh-beth-town 

Elkhart (Logan) ELK-hahrt 

Elkville (Jackson) ELK-vil 

Ellery (Edwards) EL-ree 

Elliott (Ford) EL-yuht 

Ellisgrove (Randolph) EL-lis-GROHV 

Ellisville (Fulton) EL-is-vil 

Ellsworth (McLean) ELZ-werth 

Elmhurst (Du Page) ELM-herst 

Elmwood (Peoria) ELM-wood 

El Paso (Woodford) el-PA^-oh 

Elsah (Jersey) EL-suh 

Elvaston (Hancock) EL-vuh-stuhn 

Elwin (Macon) EL-win 

Elwood (Will) EL-wood 

Emden (Logan) EM-den 

Emerson (Whiteside) EM-er-suhn 

Emington (Livingston) EM-ing-tuhn 

Emma (White) EM-uh 

Energy (Williamson) EN-er-jee 

Enfield (White) EN-feeld 

Eola (Du Page) ee-OH-luh 

Epworth (White) EP-werth 

Equality (Gallatin) ee-KWAL-i-tee 

Erie (Whiteside) EER-ee 

Esmond (DeKalb) EZ-muhnd 

Essex (Kankakee) ES-eks 

Eureka (Woodford) u-REE-kuh 

Evanston (Cook) EV-en-stuhn 

Evansville (Randolph) EV-uhnz-vil 

Evergreen Park (Cook) EV-er-GREEN PAHRK 

Ewing (Franklin) U-ing 

Exeter (Scott) EX-uh-ter 

[ 16 1 

Fairbury (Livingston) FAIR-bair-ee 

Fairdale (DeKalb) FAIR-dayl 

Fairfield (Wayne) FAIR-feeld 

Fairgrange (Coles) FAIR-graynj 

Fairland (Douglas) FAIR-luhnd 

Fairmount (Vermilion) FAIR-mownt 

Fairview (Fulton) FAIR-vu 

Fancy Prairie (Menard) FAN-cee PRAIR-ee 

Fandon (McDonough) FAN-duhn 

Farina (Fayette) fuh-REYE-nuh 

Farmer City (DeWitt) FAHRM-er SIT-ee 

Farmersville (Montgomery) FAHRM-ers-vil 

Farmington (Fulton) FAHRM-ing-tuhn 

Fenton (Whiteside) FEN-tuhn 

Ferris (Hancock) FER-uhs 

Fiatt (Fulton) FEYE-uht 

Ficklin (Douglas) FICK-luhn 

Fidelity (Jersey) feye-DEL-uh-tee 

Fieldon (Jersey) FEELD-uhn 

Fillmore (Montgomery) FIL-mohr 

Filson (Douglas) FIL-suhn 

Findlay (Shelby) FIN-lee 

Fireworks (Saint Clair) FEYER-werks 

Fisher (Champaign) FISH-er 

Fithian (Vermilion) FITH-ee-uhn 

Flanagan (Livingston) FLAN-uh-guhn 

Flat Rock (Crawford) FLAT-rahk 

Flora (Clay) FLOH-ruh 

Florence Station (Stephenson) 

FLOR-uhns STAY-shuhn 
Flossmoor (Cook) FLOSS-mohr 
Foosland (Champaign) FOOS-luhnd 
Forest City (Mason) FOR-uhst SIT-ee 
Forest Park (Cook) FOR-uhst PAHRK 
Forrest (Livingston) FOR-uhst 
Forreston (Ogle) FOR-uhs-tuhn 
Forsyth (Macon) FOR-seyeth 
Fort Sheridan (Lake) FORT SHER-i-duhn 
Fountain Green (Hancock) FOWN-tuhn GREEN 
Fowler (Adams) FOWL-uhr 
Fox Lake (Lake) FOX LAYK 

Fox River Grove (McHenry) FOX-riv-er-GROHV 
Frankfort (Will) FRANK-fuhrt 
Frankfort Heights (Franklin) 

Franklin (Morgan) FRANK-lin 
Franklin Grove (Lee) FRANK-lin GROHV 

[ 17 ] 

Franklin Park (Cook) FRANK-lin PAHRK 

Frederick (Schuyler) FRED-rik 

Freeburg (Saint Clair) FREE-berg 

Freeman Spur (Williamson) FREE-muhn SPUHR 

Freeport (Stephenson) FREE-pohrt 

Fulton (Whiteside) FOOL-tuhn 

Fults (Monroe) FUHLTS 

Galatia (Saline) guh-LAY-shuh 

Gale (Alexander) GAYL 

Galena (Jo Daviess) guh-LEE-nuh 

Galesburg (Knox) GAYLZ-berg 

Gait (Whiteside) GAWLT 

Galton (Douglas) GAWL-tuhn 

Galva (Henry) GAL-vuh 

Garden Prairie (Boone) GAHR-den PRAIR-ee 

Gardner (Grundy) GAHRD-ner 

Garrett (Douglas) GAIR-uht 

Gays (Moultrie) GAYZ 

Geff (Wayne) JEF 

Geneseo (Henry) jen-uh-SEE-oh 

Geneva (Kane) juh-NEE-vuh 

Genoa (DeKalb) juh-NOH-uh 

Georgetown (Vermilion) JAWRJ-town 

Gerlaw (Warren) GER-law 

Germantown (Clinton) JER-muhn-town 

German Valley (Stephenson) JER-muhn VAL-lee 

Gibson City (Ford) GIB-suhn SIT-ee 

Gifford (Champaign) GIF-ferd 

Gila (Jasper) GEYE-lah 

Gilberts (Kane) GIL-berts 

Gillespie (Macoupin) guh-LIS-pee 

Gilman (Iroquois) GIL-muhn 

Gilson (Knox) GIL-suhn 

Girard (Macoupin) juh-RAHRD 

Gladstone (Henderson) GLAD-stohn 

Glasford (Peoria) GLAS-ferd 

Glasgow (Scott) GLAS-koh 

Glenarm (Sangamon) GLEN-ahrm 

Glen Carbon (Madison) GLEN KAHR-buhn 

Glencoe (Cook) GLEN-koh 

Glendale (Pope) GLEN-dayl 

Glen Ellyn (Du Page) GLEN-EL-uhn 

Glenview (Cook) GLEN-vu 

Glenwood (Cook) GLEN-wood 

Godfrey (Madison) GOD-free 

[ 18 ] 

Golconda (Pope) gahl-KON-duh 

Golden (Adams) GOHLD-uhn 

Golden Eagle (Calhoun) GOHLD-uhn EE-guhl 

Goldengate (Wayne) GOHL-den-GAYT 

Golf (Cook) GOLF 

Goodenow (Will) GOOD-now 

Goodfield (Woodford) GOOD-feeld 

Good Hope (McDonough) GOOD-hohp 

Goodwine (Iroquois) GOOD-weyen 

Goreville (Johnson) GOHR-vil 

Gorham (Jackson) GOHR-(h)uhm 

Grafton (Jersey) GRAF-tuhn 

Grand Chain (Pulaski) grand-CHAYN 

Grand Detour (Ogle) GRAN-dee-tour 

Grand Ridge (La Salle) grand-RIDJ 

Grand Tower (Jackson) grand-TOW-er 

Granite City (Madison) GRAN-it SIT-ee 

Grant Park (Kankakee) GRANT PAHRK 

Grantsburg (Johnson) GRANTS-berg 

Granville (Putnam) GRAN-vil 

Grape Creek (Vermilion) GRAYP KREEK 

Graymont (Livingston) GRAY-mont 

Grayslake (Lake) GRAYZ-LAYK 

Grayville (White) GRAY-vil 

Great Lakes (Lake) GRAYT LAYKS 

Greenbush (Warren) GREEN-boosh 

Greenfield (Greene) GREEN-feeld 

Greenup (Cumberland) GREEN-uhp 

Green Valley (Tazewell) GREEN VAL-lee 

Greenview (Menard) GREEN-vu 

Greenville (Bond) GREEN-vil 

Gridley (McLean) GRID-lee 

Griggsville (Pike) GRIGZ-vil 

Groveland (Tazewell) GROHV-luhnd 

Gurnee (Lake) guhr-NEE 

Guthrie (Ford) GUHTH-ree 


Hagarstown (Fayette) HAY-gerz-town 
Hagener (Cass) HAY-guh-ner 
Haldane (Ogle) HAWL-dayn 
Hallsville (DeWitt) HAWLZ-vil 
Hamburg (Calhoun) HAM-berg 
Hamilton (Hancock) HAM-il-tuhn 
Hamletsburg (Pope) HAM-luhtz-berg 
Hammond (Piatt) HAM-muhnd 
Hampshire (Kane) HAMP-shuhr 

[ 19 ] 

Hampton (Rock Island) HAMP-tuhn 

Hanna City (Peoria) HAN-nuh SIT-ee 

Hanover (Jo Daviess) HAN-oh-ver 

Harco (Saline) HAHR-koh 

Hardin (Calhoun) HAHR-din 

Harmon (Lee) HAHR-muhn 

Harrisburg (Saline) HAIR-uhs-berg 

Harristown (Macon) HAIR-uhs-town 

Hartford (Madison) HAHRT-fuhrd 

Hartland (McHenry) HAHRT-luhnd 

Hartsburg (Logan) HAHRTZ-berg 

Harvard (McHenry) HAHR-verd 

Harvel (Montgomery) HAHR-vuhl 

Harvey (Cook) HAHR-vee 

Havana (Mason) huh-VAN-uh 

Hazel Crest (Cook) HAY-zuhl-KREST 

Hazel Dell (Cumberland) HAY-zuhl-DEL 

Hazelhurst (Ogle) HAY-zuhl-huhrst 

Hebron (McHenry) HEE-bruhn 

Hecker (Monroe) HEK-uhr 

Henderson (Knox) HEN-der-suhn 

Hennepin (Putnam) HEN-nuh-pin 

Henning (Vermilion) HEN-ning 

Henry (Marshall) HEN-ree 

Herald (White) HAIR-uhld 

Hermon (Knox) HER-muhn 

Herod (Pope) HAIR-uhd 

Herrick (Shelby) HAIR-rik 

Herrin (Williamson) HAIR-ruhn 

Herscher (Kankakee) HER-shuhr 

Hersman (Brown) HERZ-muhn 

Hettick (Macoupin) HET-tik 

Heyworth (McLean) HAY-wuhrth 

Hidalgo (Jasper) heye-DAL-goh 

Highland (Madison) HEYE-luhnd 

Highland Park (Lake) HEYE-luhnd PAHRK 

Highwood (Lake) HEYE-wood 

Hillsboro (Montgomery) HILZ-buhr-oh 

Hillsdale (Rock Island) HILZ-dayl 

Hillside (Cook) HIL-seyed 

Hillview (Greene) HIL-vu 

Hinckley (DeKalb) HINK-lee 

Hindsboro (Douglas) HEYENDS-buhr-oh 

Hines (Cook) HEYENZ 

Hinsdale (Du Page) HINZ-dayl 

Hoffman (Clinton) HAWF-muhn 

Holcomb (Ogle) HOHL-kuhm 

Holder (McLean) HOHL-duhr 

[ 20 ] 

Hollywood (Cook) HOL-ee-wood 

Homer (Champaign) HOH-muhr 

Homewood (Cook) HOHM-wood 

Honey Bend (Montgomery) HUH-nee BEND 

Hookdale (Bond) HOOK-dayl 

Hoopeston (Vermilion) HOOPS-tuhn 

Hooppole (Henry) HOOP-pohl 

Hopedale (Tazewell) HOHP-dayl 

Hopkins Park (Kankakee) HOP-kinz PAHRK 

Houston (Randolph) HUS-tuhn 

Hoyleton (Washington) HOYL-tuhn 

Hudson (McLean) HUHD-suhn 

Huey (Clinton) HU-ee 

Hull (Pike) HUHL 

Humboldt (Coles) HUHM-bohlt 

Hume (Edgar) HUM 

Humrick (Vermilion) HUHM-rik 

Hunt (Jasper) HUHNT 

Huntley (McHenry) HUHNT-lee 

Huntsville (Schuyler) HUHNTZ-vil 

Hurst (Williamson) HERST 

Hutsonville (Crawford) HUHT-suhn-vil 


Illinois City (Rock Island) il-uh-NOY SIT-ee 

Illiopolis (Sangamon) il-lee-OP-oh-luhs 

Ina (Jefferson) EYE-nuh 

Indianola (Vermilion) in-dee-uh-NOH-luh 

Industry (McDonough) IN-duhs-tree 

Ingleside (Lake) ING-guhl-seyed 

Ingraham (Clay) ING-ruh-HAM 

lola (Clay) eye-OH-luh 

Ipava (Fulton) eye-PAY-vuh 

Irene (Boone) eye-REEN 

Iroquois (Iroquois) IR-oh-kwoy 

Irving (Montgomery) ER-ving 

Irvington (Washington) ER-ving-tuhn 

Irwin (Kankakee) ER-wuhn 

Isabel (Edgar) IZ-uh-bel 

Island Lake (McHenry) EYE-luhnd LAYK 

Itasca (DuPage) eye-TAS-kuh 

luka (Marion) eye-U-kuh 

Ivesdale (Champaign) EYEVZ-dayl 

Jacksonville (Morgan) JAK-suhn-vil 
Jacob (Jackson) JAY-kuhb 

[ 21 ] 

Jamaica (Vermilion) juh-MAY-kuh 

Janesville (Cumberland) JAYNZ-vil 

Jerseyville (Jersey) JER-zee-vil 

Jewett (Cumberland) JU-it 

Johnsonville (Wayne) JON-suhn-vil 

Johnston City (Williamson) JON-stuhn SIT-ee 

Joliet (Will) JOH-lee-et 

Jonesboro (Union) JOHNZ-buhr-oh 

Joppa (Massac) JOP-uh 

Joy (Mercer) JOY 

Junction (Gallatin) JUHNGK-shuhn 


Kampsville (Calhoun) KAMPS-vil 

Kane (Greene) KAYN 

Kaneville (Kane) KAYN-vil 

Kankakee (Kankakee) kang-kuh-KEE 

Kansas (Edgar) KAN-zuhs 

Kappa (Woodford) KAP-uh 

Karbers Ridge (Hardin) KAHR-buhrz-RIDJ 

Kamak (Pulaski) KAHR-nak 

Kasbeer (Bureau) KAYZ-beer 

Kaskaskia (Randolph) kas-KAS-kee-uh 

Keenes (Wayne) KEENZ 

Keensburg (Wabash) KEENZ-berg 

Keithsburg (Mercer) KEETHS-berg 

Kell (Marion) KEL 

Kellerville (Adams) KEL-er-vil 

Kemp (Douglas) KEMP 

Kemper (Jersey) KEMP-er 

Kempton (Ford) KEMP-tuhn 

Kenilworth (Cook) KEN-il-wurth 

Kenney (DeWitt) KEN-ni 

Kent (Stephenson) KENT 

Kernan (La Salle) KER-nuhn 

Kewanee (Henry) kee-WAH-nee 

Keyesport (Clinton) KEEZ-port 

Kilbourne (Mason) KIL-bom 

Kincaid (Christian) kin-KAYD 

Kinderhook (Pike) KIN-der-hook 

Kings (Ogle) KINGZ 

Kingston (DeKalb) KING-stuhn 

Kingston Mines (Peoria) KING-stuhn MEYENZ 

Kinmundy (Marion) KIN-muhn-dee 

Kinsman (Grundy) KINZ-muhn 

Kirkland (DeKalb) KERK-luhnd 

Kirksville (Moultrie) KERKS-vil 

[ 22 ] 

Kirkwood (Warren) KERK-wood 
Knoxville (Knox) NOX-vil 

La Clede (Fayette) luh-KLEED 

Lacon (Marshall) LAY-kuhn 

Ladd (Bureau) LAD 

La Fayette (Stark) LAH-fay-et 

Lafox (Kane) luh-FOX 

La Grange (Cook) luh-GRAYNJ 

La Harpe (Hancock) luh-HAHRP 

La Hogue (Iroquois) luh-HOHG 

Lake Bluff (Lake) layk-BLUHFF 

Lake City (Moultrie) layk-SIT-ee 

Lake Forest (Lake) layk-FOR-est 

Lake Fork (Logan) layk-FORK 

Lake Villa (Lake) layk-VIL-uh 

Lakewood (Shelby) LAYK-wood 

Lake Zurich (Lake) layk-ZOO-rik 

La Moille (Bureau) luh-MOYL 

Lanark (Carroll) LAN-ahrk 

Lancaster (Wabash) LAN-kas-ter 

Lane (DeWitt) LAYN 

Lanesville (Sangamon) LAYNZ-vil 

Langleyville (Christian) LANG-lee-vil 

Lansing (Cook) LAN-sing 

La Place (Piatt) lah-PLAYCE 

La Prairie (Adams) luh-PRAIR-ee 

La Rose (Marshall) luh-ROHZ 

La Salle (La Salle) luh-SAL 

Latham (Logan) LAY-thuhm 

Laura (Peoria) LAW-ruh 

Lawndale (Logan) LAWN-dayl 

Lawrenceville (Lawrence) LAW-rens-vil 

Leaf River (Ogle) leef-RIV-er 

Lebanon (Saint Clair) LEB-uh-nuhn 

Lee (Lee) LEE 

Lee Center (Lee) lee-CEN-ter 

Leland (La Salle) LEE-luhnd 

Lemont (Cook) luh-MONT 

Lena (Stephenson) LEE-nuh 

Lenzburg (Saint Clair) LENZ-berg 

Leonore (La Salle) LEE-uh-nohr 

Lerna (Coles) LER-nuh 

Le Roy (McLean) luh-ROY 

Lewistown (Fulton) LOO-is-tuhn 

Lexington (McLean) LEKS-ing-tuhn 

[ 23 ] 

Liberty (Adams) LIB-er-ti 
Libertyville (Lake) LIB-er-ti-vil 
Lilly (Tazewell) LIL-ee 
Lima (Adams) LEYE-muh 
Lincoln (Logan) LING-kuhn 
Lincoln's New Salem (Menard) 
LING-kuhnz noo-SAY-luhm 
Lindenwood (Ogle) LIN-duhn-wood 
Lisbon (Kendall) LIZ-buhn 
Lisle (Du Page) LEYE-uhl 
Litchfield (Montgomery) LICH-feeld 
Literberry (Morgan) LEYE-ter-bair-ree 
Littleton (Schuyler) LIT-uhl-tuhn 
Little York (Warren) LIT-uhl-york 
Liverpool (Fulton) LIV-er-pool 
Livingston (Madison) LIV-ing-stuhn 
Loami (Sangamon) loh-AM-uh 
Lockport (Will) LOK-port 
Loda (Iroquois) LOH-duh 
Logan (Franklin) LOH-guhn 
Lomax (Henderson) LOH-max 
Lombard (Du Page) LAHM-bahrd 
London Mills (Fulton) LUHN-duhn MILS 
Long Point (Livingston) LAWNG-poynt 
Longview (Champaign) LAWNG-vu 
Loogootee (Fayette) LOH-guh-TEE 
Loraine (Adams) lor-AYN 
Loran (Stephenson) LOH-rahn 
Lostant (La Salle) LAWS-tuhnt 
Louisville (Clay) LOO-is-vil 
Lovejoy (Saint Clair) LUHV-joy 
Lovington (Moultrie) LUHV-ing-tuhn 
Lowder (Sangamon) LOW-der 
Lowpoint (Woodford) LOH-poynt 
Ludlow (Champaign) LUHD-loh 
Lyndon (Whiteside) LIN-duhn 
Lynn Center (Henry) LIN CEN-ter 
Lyons (Cook) LEYE-uhns 


McClure (Alexander) mik-KLOOR 
McClusky (Jersey) mik-KLUHS-ki 
McConnell (Stephenson) mik-KON-uhl 
McHenry (McHenry) mik-HEN-ri 
McLean (McLean) mik-LAYN 
McLeansboro (Hamilton) mik-LAYNS-buhr-oh 
McNabb (Putnam) mik-NAB 

[24 ] 

McNoel (Massac) mik-NOHL 
Macedonia (Hamilton) mass-uh-DOH-nyuh 
Mackinaw (Tazewell) MAK-i-naw 
Macomb (McDonough) muh-KOHM 
Macon (Macon) MAY-kuhn 
Macoupin (Macoupin) muh-KOO-pin 
Madison (Madison) MAD-i-suhn 
Maeystown (Monroe) MAYZ-town 
Magnolia (Putnam) mag-NOHL-yuh 
Mahomet (Champaign) muh-HAH-met 
Makanda (Jackson) muh-KAN-duh 
Maiden (Bureau) MAHL-duhn 
Malta (DeKalb) MAHL-tuh 
Manchester (Scott) MAN-ches-ter 
Manhattan (Will) man-HAT-tuhn 
Manito (Mason) MAN-i-TOH 
Manlius (Bureau) MAN-li-uhs 
Mansfield (Piatt) MANS-feeld 
Manteno (Kankakee) man-TEEN-oh 
Manville (Livingston) MAN-vil 
Maple Park (Kane) MAY-puhl PAHRK 
Mapleton (Peoria) MAY-puhl-tuhn 
Maquon (Knox) muh-KWAHN 
Marblehead (Adams) MAHR-buhl-HED 
Marcelline (Adams) MAHR-suh-LEEN 
Marengo (McHenry) muh-REN-goh 
Marietta (Fulton) mair-ee-ET-uh 
Marine (Madison) muh-REEN 
Marion (Williamson) MAIR-i-uhn 
Marissa (Saint Clair) muh-RIS-suh 
Mark (Putnam) MAHRK 
Maroa (Macon) muh-ROH-uh 
Marseilles (La Salle) mahr-SAYLS 
Marshall (Clark) MAHR-shal 
Martinsville (Clark) MAHR-tins-vil 
Martinton (Iroquois) MAHR-tin-tuhn 
Maryville (Madison) MAIR-ee-vil 
Mascoutah (Saint Clair) mas-KOO-tuh 
Mason (Effingham) MAY-suhn 
Mason City (Mason) MAY-suhn SIT-ee 
Massbach (Jo Daviess) MOSS-bak 
Matherville (Mercer) MA-ther-vil 
Matteson (Cook) MAT-tuh-suhn 
Mattoon (Coles) MAT-toon 
Maunie (White) MAW-NEE 
Mayview (Champaign) MAY-vu 
Maywood (Cook) MAY-wood 
Mazon (Grundy) muh-ZAHN 

I 25 ] 

Meadows (McLean) MED-ohs 

Mechanicsburg (Sangamon) muh-KAN-iks-berg 

Media (Henderson) MEE-di-uh 

Medinah (Du Page) muh-DEYE-nuh 

Medora (Macoupin) muh-DOH-ruh 

Melrose Park (Cook) MEL-rohs PAHRK 

Melvin (Ford) MEL-vin 

Menard (Randolph) muh-NAHRD 

Mendon (Adams) MEN-duhn 

Mendota (La Salle) men-DOH-tuh 

Meppen (Calhoun) MEP-pen 

Meredosia (Morgan) mair-uh-DOH-shuh 

Meriden (La Salle) MAIR-i-den 

Merna (McLean) MUHR-nuh 

Metamora (Woodford) MET-uh-MOHR-uh 

Metcalf (Edgar) MET-kaf 

Metropolis (Massac) muh-TRAHP-uh-lis 

Michael (Calhoun) MEYEK-uhl 

Middlegrove (Fulton) MID-duhl-grohv 

Middletown (Logan) MID-duhl-tuhn 

Midland City (DeWitt) MID-luhnd SIT-ee 

Midlothian (Cook) mid-LOHTH-ee-uhn 

Milan (Rock Island) MEYE-lan 

Milford (Iroquois) MIL-ferd 

Millbrook (Kendall) MIL-brook 

Mill Creek (Union) MIL-KREEK 

Milledgeville (Carroll) MIL-idj-vil 

Miller City (Alexander) MIL-ler SIT-ee 

Millington (Kendall) MIL-ing-tuhn 

Mill Shoals (White) MIL-SHOHLS 

Millstadt (Saint Clair) MIL-staht 

Milmine (Piatt) MIL-meyen 

Milton (Pike) MIL-tuhn 

Mineral (Bureau) MIN-uhr-uhl 

Minier (Tazewell) muh-NEER 

Minonk (Woodford) mi-NUHNK 

Minooka (Grundy) mi-NOOK-uh 

Mitchell (Madison) MIT-chuhl 

Moccasin (Effingham) MOK-kuh-sin 

Mode (Shelby) MOHD 

Modena (Stark) moh-DEE-nuh 

Modesto (Macoupin) moh-DES-toh 

Modoc (Randolph) MOH-DOK 

Mokena (Will) moh-KEEN-uh 

Moline (Rock Island) moh-LEEN 

Momence (Kankakee) moh-MENTS 

Monee (Will) moh-NEE 

Monica (Peoria) MON-i-kuh 

[ 26 1 

Monmouth (Warren) MON-muhth 

Monroe Center (Ogle) muhn-ROH SEN-ter 

Monsanto (Saint Clair) mon-SAN-toh 

Montgomery (Kane) mont-GUHM-er-i 

Monticello (Piatt) MON-ti-SEL-oh 

Montrose (Effingham) MONT-rohz 

Mooseheart (Kane) MOOS-hahrt 

Moro (Madison) MOH-roh 

Morris (Grundy) MOR-ris 

Morrison (Whiteside) MOR-ris-suhn 

Morrisonville (Christian) MOR-ris-suhn-vil 

Morton (Tazewell) MOR-tuhn 

Morton Grove (Cook) MOR-tuhn GROHV 

Mossville (Peoria) MOSS-vil 

Mound City (Pulaski) MOWND SIT-ee 

Mounds (Pulaski) MOWNDS 

Mount Auburn (Christian) MOWNT AW-buhrn 

Mount Carmel (Wabash) MOWNT KAHR-mel 

Mount Carroll (Carroll) MOWNT KAIR-uhl 

Mount Clare (Macoupin) MOWNT KLAIR 

Mount Erie (Wayne) MOWNT EER-i 

Mount Morris (Ogle) MOWNT MOR-ris 

Mount Olive (Macoupin) MOWNT AH-liv 

Mount Prospect (Cook) MOWNT PRAWS-pekt 

Mount Pulaski (Logan) MOWNT puh-LAS-kee 

Mount Sterling (Brown) MOWNT STER-ling 

Mount Vernon (Jefferson) MOWNT VER-nuhn 

Mount Zion (Macon) MOWNT ZEYE-uhn 

Moweaqua (Shelby) moh-WEEK-wuh 

Mozier (Calhoun) MOH-zhoor 

Muddy (Saline) MUHD-dee~ 

Mulberry Grove (Bond) MUHL-buhr-ee GROHV 

Mulkeytown (Franklin) MUHL-kee-town 

Muncie (Vermilion) MUHN-see 

Mundelein (Lake) MUHN-duh-leyen 

Murdock (Douglas) MUHR-dok 

Murphysboro (Jackson) MUHR-fees-buhr-oh 

Murrayville (Morgan) MUHR-ray-vil 


Nachusa (Lee) nah-CHOO-suh 
Nameoki (Madison) NAM-ee-oh-kee 
Naperville (Du Page) NAY-per-vil 
Naples (Scott) NAY-puhls 
Nashville (Washington) NASH-vil 
Nason (Jefferson) NAY-suhn 

[ 17 1 

National Stock Yards (Saint Clair) 

NASH-uhn-uhl STOK yahrds 
Natrona (Mason) nay-TROHN-uh 
Nauvoo (Hancock) nah-VOO 
Nebo (Pike) NEE-boh 
Nelson (Lee) NEL-suhn 
Neoga (Cumberland) nee-OH-guh 
Neponset (Bureau) nee-PAHN-set 
Newark (Kendall) NU-ahrk 
New Athens (Saint Clair) NU AY-thuhns 
New Baden (Clinton) NU BAY-duhn 
New Bedford (Bureau) NU BED-ferd 
New Berlin (Sangamon) NU BER-lin 
New Boston (Mercer) NU BAWS-tuhn 
New Burnside (Johnson) NU BERN-seyed 
New Canton (Pike) NU KAN-tuhn 
New Douglas (Madison) NU DUHG-luhs 
New Haven (Gallatin) NU HAY-vuhn 
New Holland (Logan) NU HOL-luhnd 
New Lenox (Will) NU LEN-uhks 
New Liberty (Pope) NU LIB-uhr-tee 
Newman (Douglas) NU-muhn 
New Memphis (Clinton) NU MEM-fis 
New Minden (Washington) NU MIN-duhn 
New Philadelphia (McDonough) 

NU FIL-uh-DEL-fi-uh 
New Salem (Pike) NU SAY-luhm 
Newton (Jasper) NU-tuhn 
New Windsor (Mercer) NU WIN-zuhr 
Niantic (Macon) neye-AN-tik 
Nilwood (Macoupin) NIL-wood 
Niota (Hancock) neye-OH-tuh 
Noble (Richland) NOH-buhl 
Nokomis (Montgomery) nuh-KOH-mis 
Nora (Jo Daviess) NOH-ruh 
Normal (McLean) NOR-muhl 
Normandy (Bureau) NOR-muhn-dee 
Norris (Fulton) NOR-ris 
Norris City (White) NOR-is SIT-ee 
North Aurora (Kane) NORTH uh-ROHR-uh 
Northbrook (Cook) NORTH-brook 
North Chicago (Lake) NORTH shi-CAW-goh 
Northfield (Cook) NORTH-feeld 
North Henderson (Mercer) NORTH HEN-der-suhn 

Oak (Pope) OHK 

Oakdale (Washington) OHK-dayl 

[ 28 1 

Oakford (Menard) OHK-ferd 

Oak Forest (Cook) OHK FOR-uhst 

Oakglen (Cook) OHK GLEN 

Oak Hill (Peoria) OHK HIL 

Oakland (Coles) OHK-luhnd 

Oaklawn (Cook) OHK-LAWN 

Oakley (Macon) OHK-lee 

Oak Park (Cook) OHK PAHRK 

Oakwood (Vermilion) OHK-wood 

Oblong (Crawford) AHB-lohng 

Oconee (Shelby) OHK-uh-NEE 

Odell (Livingston) oh-DEL 

Odin (Marion) OH-din 

O'Fallon (Saint Clair) oh-FAL-uhn 

Ogden (Champaign) OG-duhn 

Oglesby (La Salle) OH-guhlz-bee 

Ohio (Bureau) oh-HEYE-oh 

Ohlman (Montgomery) OHL-muhn 

Okawville (Washington) OHK-uh-vil 

Olive Branch (Alexander) AHL-iv BRANCH 

Oliver (Edgar) AHL-i-ver 

Olivet (Vermilion) ah-li-VET 

Olmsted (Pulaski) AHM-sted 

Olney (Richland) AHL-nee 

Olympia Fields (Cook) oh-LIM-pee-uh FEELDS 

Omaha (Gallatin) OH-muh-haw 

Omega (Marion) oh-MEE-guh 

Onarga (Iroquois) oh-NAHR-guh 

Oneida (Knox) oh-NEYE-duh 

Ontarioville (Du Page) on-TAIR-i-oh-vil 

Opdyke (Jefferson) OP-deyek 

Ophiem (Henry) OH-feem 

Oquawka (Henderson) oh-KWAW-kuh 

Orangeville (Stephenson) AWR-uhnj-vil 

Oraville (Jackson) AWR-uh-vil 

Orchardville (Wayne) AWR-chuhrd-vil 

Oreana (Macon) OR-ee-AN-uh 

Oregon (Ogle) AWR-ee-guhn 

Orient (Franklin) AWR-ee-uhnt 

Orion (Henry) OR-i-yuhn 

Orland Park (Cook) OR-luhnd PAHRK 

Osco (Henry) AHS-koh (rimes with Bosco) 

Osman (McLean) AHZ-muhn 

Oswego (Kendall) os-WEE-goh 

Ottawa (La Salle) AHT-uh-wuh 

Owaneco (Christian) oh-WAHN-ee-koh 

Ozark (Johnson) OH-zahrk 

[ 29 1 

Padua (McLean) PAD-yu-uh 

Palatine (Cook) PAL-uh-teyen 

Palestine (Crawford) PAL-uhs-teyen 

Palmer (Christian) PAHL-muhr 

Palmyra (Macoupin) pal-MEYE-ruh 

Paloma (Adams) puh-LOHM-uh 

Pales Heights (Cook) PAY-luhs HE YETS 

Palos Park (Cook) PAY-luhs PAHRK 

Pana (Christian) PAY-nuh 

Panama (Montgomery) PAN-uh-mah 

Papineau (Iroquois) PAP-i-NAW 

Paris (Edgar) PAIR-is 

Parkersburg (Richland) PAHR-kerz-berg 

Park Ridge (Cook) PAHRK RIDJ 

Parnell (DeWitt) pahr-NEL 

Patoka (Marion) pa-TOH-kuh 

Patterson (Greene) PAT-er-suhn 

Pawnee (Sangamon) paw-NEE 

Pawpaw (Lee) PAW-paw 

Paxton (Ford) PAKS-tuhn 

Payson (Adams) PAY-suhn 

Pearl (Pike) PERL 

Pearl City (Stephenson) PERL SIT-ee 

Pecatonica (Winnebago) PEK-uh-TAHN-i-kuh 

Pekin (Tazewell) PEE-kin 

Penfield (Champaign) PEN-feeld 

Peoria (Peoria) pee-OH-ri-uh 

Peoria Heights (Peoria) pee-OH-ri-uh HEYETS 

Peotone (Will) PEE-uh-tohn 

Percy (Randolph) PER-see 

Perks (Pulaski) PERKS 

Perry (Pike) PAIR-ree 

Peru (La Salle) puh-ROO 

Pesotum (Champaign) puh-SOH-tuhm 

Petersburg (Menard) PEE-terz-berg 

Philadelphia (Cass) FIL-uh-DEL-fee-uh 

Philo (Champaign) FEYE-loh 

Piasa (Macoupin) PEYE-sah 

Pierron (Bond) peer-RON 

Pierson Station (Piatt) PEER-suhn STAY-shun 

Pinckneyville (Perry) PINK-nee-vil 

Pinkstaff (Lawrence) PINK-staf 

Piopolis (Hamilton) PEYE-ah-pluhs 

Piper City (Ford) PEYE-per SIT-ee 

Pisgah (Morgan) PIZ-guh 

Pittsburg (Williamson) PITS-berg 

[ 30 ] 

Pittsfield (Pike) PITS-feeld 

Pittwood (Iroquois) PIT-wood 

Plainfield (Will) PLAYN-feeld 

Plainview (Macoupin) PLAYN-vu 

Plainville (Adams) PLAYN-vil 

Piano (Kendall) PLAY-noh 

Plato Center (Kane) PLAY-toh SEN-ter 

Pleasant Hill (Pike) PLEZ-ent HIL 

Pleasant Mound (Bond) PLEZ-ent MOWND 

Pleasant Plains (Sangamon) PLEZ-ent PLAYNZ 

Plymouth (Hancock) PLIM-uhth 

Pocahontas (Bond) poh-kuh-HAHN-tuhs 

Polo (Ogle) POH-loh 

Pomona (Jackson) pah-MOH-nah 

Pontiac (Livingston) PAHN-tee-ak 

Poplar Grove (Boone) PAHP-ler GROHV 

Port Byron (Rock Island) POHRT BEYE-ruhn 

Posen (Cook) POH-sen 

Posey (Clinton) POH-zee 

Potomac (Vermilion) puh-TOH-mik 

Prairie City (McDonough) PRAIR-ee SIT-ee 

Prairie du Rocher (Randolph) 

PRAIR-ee du-ROH-sher 
Prairie View (Lake) PRAIR-ee VU 
Preemption (Mercer) pree-EMP-shuhn 
Prentice (Morgan) PREN-tis 
Preston (Randolph) PRES-tuhn 
Princeton (Bureau) PRINS-tuhn 
Princeville (Peoria) PRINS-vil 
Prophetstown (Whiteside) PRAH-fets-town 
Prospect Heights (Cook) PRAHS-pekt HEYETS 
Pruett (Fayette) PROO-eht 
Pulaski (Pulaski) puh-LAS-kee 
Putnam (Putnam) PUHT-nuhm 


Quincy (Adams) KWIN-see 

Radford (Christian) RAD-ferd 
Radom (Washington) RAY-duhm 
Raleigh (Saline) RAH-lee 
Ramsey (Fayette) RAM-zee 
Randall (Knox) RAN-duhl 
Randolph (McLean) RAN-dolf 
Rankin (Vermilion) RAN-kin 

[ 31 ] 

Ransom (La Salle) RAN-suhm 

Rantoul (Champaign) ran-TOOL 

Rapatee (Knox) RAP-uh-TEE 

Rapids City (Rock Island) RAP-ids SIT-ee 

Rardin (Coles) RAIR-duhn 

Raritan (Henderson) RAIR-i-tuhn 

Ravinia (Lake) ruh-VIN-ee-yuh 

Ray (Schuyler) RAY 

Raymond (Montgomery) RAY-muhnd 

Red Bud (Randolph) RED-buhd 

Reddick (Kankakee) RED-dik 

Redmon (Edgar) RED-muhn 

Red Oak (Stephenson) RED OHK 

Reevesville (Johnson) REEVZ-vil 

Renault (Monroe) REE-nawlt 

Reno (Bond) REE-noh 

Renshaw (Pope) REN-shaw 

Reynolds (Rock Island) REN-uhldz 

Richmond (McHenry) RICH-muhnd 

Richton Park (Cook) RICH-ton PAHRK 

Richview (Washington) RICH-vu 

Ridge Farm (Vermilion) RIDJ FAHRM 

Ridgeville (Iroquois) RIDJ-vil 

Ridgway (Gallatin) RIDJ-way 

Ridott (Stephenson) REYE-dot 

Riggston (Scott) RIGS-ton 

Rinard (Wayne) REYE-nuhrd 

Ringwood (McHenry) RING-wood 

Rio (Knox) REYE-oh ~ 

Ripley (Brown) RIP-lee 

River Forest (Cook) RIV-er FOR-est 

River Grove (Cook) RIV-er GROHV 

Riverside (Cook) RIV-er-seyed 

Riverton (Sangamon) RIV-er-tuhn 

Roanoke (Woodford) ROH-uh-NOHK 

Robbins (Cook) RAHB-binz 

Robbs (Pope) RAHBZ 

Roberts (Ford) RAHB-erts 

Robinson (Crawford) RAHB-in-suhn 

Roby (Christian) ROH-bee 

Rochelle (Ogle) roh-SHEL 

Rochester (Sangamon) RAH-ches-tuhr 

Rockbridge (Greene) RAHK-brij 

Rock City (Stephenson) RAHK SIT-ee 

Rock Falls (Whiteside) RAHK FAWLZ 

Rockford (Winnebago) RAHK-ferd 

Rock Grove (Stephenson) RAHK GROHV 

Rock Island (Rock Island) RAHK EYE-luhnd 

[ 32 ] 

Rockport (Pike) RAHK-pohrt 

Rockton (Winnebago) RAHK-tuhn 

Rockwood (Randolph) RAHK-wood 

Rome (Peoria) ROHM 

Rondout (Lake) ROWN-dowt 

Roodhouse (Greene) ROOD-hows 

Rosamond (Christian) ROHZ-uh-muhnd 

Roscoe (Winnebago) RAHS-koh 

Rosebud (Pope) ROHZ-buhd 

Rose Hill (Jasper) ROHZ HIL 

Roselle (Du Page) roh-ZEL 

Roseville (Warren) ROHZ-vil 

Rosiclare (Hardin) ROHZ-i-KLAIR 

Rossville (Vermilion) ROSS-vil 

Round Grove (Whiteside) ROWND GROHV 

Round Lake (Lake) ROWND LAYK 

Roxana (Madison) roks-AN-uh 

Royal (Champaign) ROY-uhl 

Royalton (Franklin) ROY-uhl-tuhn 

Ruma (Randolph) ROO-muh 

Rushville (Schuyler) RUHSH-vil 

Russell (Lake) RUHS-uhl 

Rutland (La Salle) RUHT-luhnd 

Sadorus (Champaign) suh-DOH-ruhs 

Sailor Springs (Clay) SAY-lor SPRINGZ 

Saint Anne (Kankakee) SAYNT AN 

Saint Augustine (Knox) SAYNT AW-guhs-TEEN 

Saint Charles (Kane) SAYNT CHAHR-uhlz 

Saint David (Fulton) SAYNT DAY-vid 

Saint Elmo (Fayette) SAYNT EL-moh 

Saint Francisville (Lawrence) SAYNT FRAN-sis-vil 

Saint Jacob (Madison) SAYNT JAY-kuhb 

Saint James (Fayette) SAYNT JAYMZ 

Saint Joseph (Champaign) SAYNT JOH-zef 

Saint Libory (Saint Clair) SAYNT li-BOHR-ee 

Saint Marie (Jasper) SAYNT muh-REE 

Saint Peter (Fayette) SAYNT PEE-ter 

Salem (Marion) SAY-lem 

Sandoval (Marion) san-DOH-vuhl 

Sandusky (Alexander) san-DUHS-kee 

Sandwich (DeKalb) SAND-wich 

San Jose (Mason) SAN JOHZ 

Saunemin (Livingston) SAH-nuh-min 

Savanna (Carroll) suh-VAN-uh 

Savoy (Champaign) suh-VOY 

[ 33 ] 

Sawyerville (Macoupin) SAW-yer-vi] 

Saybrook (McLean) SAY-brook 

Scales Mound (Jo Daviess) SKAYLZ MOWND 

Scheller (Jefferson) SHEL-er 

Schiller Park (Cook) SHIL-er PAHRK 

Schuline (Randolph) SHOO-leyen 

Sciota (McDonough) SEYE-oh-tuh 

Scioto Mills (Stephenson) SEYE-oh-tuh MILZ 

Scott Field (Saint Clair) SKOT FEELD 

Scottland (Edgar) SKOT-luhnd 

Scottville (Macoupin) SKOT-vil 

Seaton (Mercer) SEET-uhn 

Seatonville (Bureau) SEET-uhn-VIL 

Secor (Woodford) SEE-kohr 

Seneca (La Salle) SEN-i-kuh 

Serena (La Salle) ser-EE-nah 

Sesser (Franklin) SES-er 

Seward (Winnebago) SOO-uhrd 

Seymour (Champaign) SEE-mohr 

Shabbona (DeKalb) SHAB-buh-nuh 

Shannon (Carroll) SHAN-nuhn 

Sharpsburg (Christian) SHAHRPS-berg 

Shattuc (Clinton) SHAT-tuhk 

Shawneetown (Gallatin) SHAW-nee-town 

Sheffield (Bureau) SHEF-feeld 

Shelbyville (Shelby) SHEL-bee-vil 

Sheldon (Iroquois) SHEL-duhn 

Sheridan (La Salle) SHAIR-i-duhn 

Sherman (Sangamon) SHER-muhn 

Sherrard (Mercer) sher-RAHRD 

Shipman (Macoupin) SHIP-muhn 

Shirland (Winnebago) SHIR-luhnd 

Shirley (McLean) SHIR-lee 

Shobonier (Fayette) SHOH-boh-NEER 

Shumway (Effingham) SHUHM-way 

Sibley (Ford) SIB-lee 

Sidell (Vermilion) SEYE-del 

Sidney (Champaign) SID-nee 

Sigel (Shelby) SIG-uhl 

Siloam (Adams) SEYE-LOHM 

Silvis (Rock Island) SIL-vis 

Simpson (Johnson) SIMP-suhn 

Sims (Wayne) SIMZ 

Skokie (Cook) SKOH-kee 

Smithboro (Bond) SMITH-buhr-oh 

Smithfield (Fulton) SMITH-feeld 

Smithshire (Warren) SMITH-sheyer 

Smithton (Saint Clair) SMITH-tuhn 

[ 34 ] 

Solon Mills (McHenry) SOH-luhn MILZ 

Somonauk (DeKalb) SAHM-uh-nok 

Soperville (Knox) SOH-per-vil 

Sorento (Bond) soh-RENT-oh 

South Beloit (Winnebago) SOWTH buh-LOYT 

South Elgin (Kane) SOWTH EL-jin 

South Holland (Cook) SOWTH HAH-luhnd 

South Pekin (Tazewell) SOWTH PEE-kin 

South Roxana (Madison) SOWTH roks-AN-uh 

South Standard (Macoupin) SOWTH STAN-derd 

South Wilmington (Grundy) 

SOWTH WIL-ming-tuhn 
Sparks Hill (Hardin) SPAHRKS HIL 
Sparland (Marshall) SPAHR-luhnd 
Sparta (Randolph) SPAHR-tuh 
Speer (Stark) SPEER 
Springerton (White) SPRING-er-tuhn 
Springfield (Sangamon) SPRING-feeld 
Spring Grove (McHenry) spring GROHV 
Spring Valley (Bureau) spring VAL-lee 
Standard (Putnam) STAN-derd 
Stanford (McLean) STAN-ferd 
Staunton (Macoupin) STAHN-tuhn 
Steeleville (Randolph) STEEL-vil 
Steger (Cook) STAY-ger 
Sterling (Whiteside) STER-ling 
Steward (Lee) STOO-wcrd 
Stewardson (Shelby) STOO-werd-suhn 

Stillman Valley (Ogle) STIL-muhn VAL-lee 

Stillwell (Hancock) STIL-wel 

Stockland (Iroquois) STAHK-luhnd 

Stockton (Jo Daviess) STAHK-tuhn 

Stonefort (Saline) STOHN-fert 

Stonington (Christian) STOHN-ing-tuhn 

Stoy (Crawford) STOY 

Strasburg (Shelby) STRAWZ-berg 

Strawn (Livingston) STRAWN 

Streator (La Salle) STREE-ter 

Stronghurst (Henderson) STRONG-herst 

Sublette (Lee) suhb-LET 

Sugar Grove (Kane) SHOO-ger GROHV 

Sullivan (Moultrie) SUHL-i-vuhn 

Summerfield (Saint Clair) SUHM-mer-feeld 

Summer Hill (Pike) SUHM-mer-HIL 

Summum (Fulton) SUHM-muhm 

Sumner (Lawrence) SUHM-ner 

Sutter (Hancock) SUHT-ter 

Swan Creek (Warren) SWAHN KREEK 

[ 35 ] 

Swansea (St. Clair) SWAHN-see-uh 
Swanwick (Perry) SWAHN-wik 
Swedona (Mercer) swee-DOH-nuh 
Sweet Water (Menard) SWEET wah-ter 
Sycamore (DeKalb) SIK-uh-mohr 
Symerton (Will) SIM-er-tuhn 

Table Grove (Fulton) TAY-buhl GROHV 

Tallula (Menard) tuh-LOO-luh 

Tamalco (Bond) tuh-MAL-koh 

Tamaroa (Perry) tam-uh-ROH-uh 

Tamms (Alexander) TAMZ 

Tampico (Whiteside) TAM-puh-koh 

Taylor Ridge (Rock Island) TAY-ler RIDJ 

Taylor Springs (Montgomery) TAY-ler SPRINGZ 

Taylorville (Christian) TAY-ler-vil 

Tazewell (Tazewell) TAZ-wel 

Techny (Cook) TEK-nee 

Teheran (Mason) tuh-HAIR-uhn 

Temple Hill (Pope) TEM-puhl-HIL 

Tennessee (McDonough) ten-uh-SEE 

Teutopolis (Effingham) too-TAHP-uh-lis 

Texico (Jefferson) TEKS-i-koh 

Thackeray (Hamilton) THAK-er-ee 

Thawville (Iroquois) THAW-vil 

Thayer (Sangamon) THAY-er 

Thebes (Alexander) THEEBZ 

Thomasboro (Champaign) TOM-uhs-buhr-oh 

Thcmasville (Montgomery) TOM-uhs-vil 

Thompsonville (Franklin) TOMP-suhn-vil 

Thomson (Carroll) TOM-suhn 

Thornton (Cook) THORN-tuhn 

Tilden (Randolph) TIL-duhn 

Tilton (Vermilion) TIL-tuhn 

Timewell (Brown) TEYEM-wel 

Tinley Park (Cook) TIN-lee PAHRK 

Tioga (Hancock) teye-OH-guh 

Tiskilwa (Bureau) TIS-kil-wah 

Toledo (Cumberland) toh-LEE-doh 

Tolono (Champaign) toh-LOH-noh 

Toluca (Marshall) toh-LOO-kuh 

Tonica (La Salle) TAHN-i-kuh 

Topeka (Mason) toh-PEE-kuh 

Toulon (Stark) TOO-lahn 

Tovey (Christian) TOH-vee 

Towanda (McLean) toh-WAHN-duh 

[ 36 ] 

Tower Hill (Shelby) TOW-er HIL 
Tremont (Tazewell) TREE-mahnt 
Trenton (Clinton) TREN-tuhn 
Trilla (Cumberland) TRIL-luh 
Trimble (Crawford) TRIM-buhl 
Triumph (La Salle) TREYE-uhmf 
Trivoli (Peoria) tri-VOH-lee 
Trowbridge (Shelby) TROH-brij 
Troy (Madison) TROY 
Troy Grove (La Salle) TROY GROHV 
Tunnel Hill (Johnson) TUHN-nuhl HIL 
Tuscola (Douglas) tuhs-KOH-lah 


Ulah (Henry) U-lah 

Ullin (Pulaski) UHL-lin 

Union (McHenry) UN-yuhn 

Union Hill (Kankakee) UN-yuhn HIL 

Unity (Alexander) U-ni-tee 

Urbana (Champaign) er-BA-nuh 

Ursa (Adams) UHR-SUH 

Utica (La Salle) U-ti-kuh 

Valier (Franklin) vuh-LEER 

Valley City (Pike) VAL-lee SIT-ee 

Valmeyer (Monroe) VAL-meyer 

Vandalia (Fayette) van-DAYL-yuh 

Van Orin (Bureau) VAN OR-in 

Varna (Marshall) VAHR-nuh 

Venedy (Washington) VEN-uh-dee 

Venice (Madison) VEN-is 

Vera (Fayette) VEER-uh 

Vergennes (Jackson) ver-JENZ 

Vermilion (Edgar) ver-MIL-yuhn 

Vermilion Grove (Vermilion) ver-MIL-yuhn GROHV 

Vermont (Fulton) ver-MAHNT 

Vernon (Marion) VER-nuhn 

Verona (Grundy) vuh-ROH-nuh 

Versailles (Brown) ver-SAYLZ 

Victoria (Knox) vik-TOH-ree-uh 

Vienna (Johnson) VEYE-EN-uh 

Villa Grove (Douglas) VIL-luh GROHV 

Villa Park (Du Page) VIL-luh PAHRK 

Villa Ridge (Pulaski) VIL-luh RIJ 

Viola (Mercer) veye-OH-lah 

t 37 ] 

Virden (Macoupin) VIR-duhn 
Virgi] (Kane) VIR-jil 
Virginia (Cass) ver-JIN-yah 
Volo (Lake) VOH-loh 


Waddams Grove (Stephenson) 

Wadsworth (Lake) WAHDZ-werth 
Waggoner (Montgomery) WAG-ner 
Wakefield (Richland) WAYK-feeld 
Walnut (Bureau) WAWL-nuht 

Walnut Grove (McDonough) WAWL-nuht GROHV 
Walnut Hill (Marion) WAWL-nuht HIL 
Walpole (Hamilton) WAWL-pol 
Walsh (Randolph) WAWLSH 
Walshville (Montgomery) WAWLSH-vil 
Waltonville (Jefferson) WAWL-tuhn-vil 
Wamac (Marion) WAH-MAK 
Wapella (DeWitt) wah-PEL-uh 
Warren (Jo Daviess) WAHR-uhn 
Warrensburg (Macon) WAHR-uhnz-berg 
Warrenville (Du Page) WAHR-uhn-vil 
Warsaw (Hancock) WOHR-saw 
Wasco (Kane) WAHS-koh 
Washburn (Woodford) WAHSH-bern 
Washington (Tazewrell) WAHSH-ing-tuhn 
Washington Park (Saint Clair) 

WAHSH-ing-tuhn PAHRK 
Wataga (Knox) vi^uh-TAH-guh 
Waterloo (Monroe) WAH-ter-LOO 
Waterman (DeKalb) WAH-ter-muhn 
Watseka (Iroquois) viraht-SEE-kuh 
Watson (Effingham) WAHT-suhn 
Wauconda (Lake) w^ah-KAHN-duh 
Waukegan (Lake) waw^-KEE-guhn 
Wauponsee (Grundy) wah-PAHN-see 
Waverly (Morgan) WAYV-uhr-lee 
Wayne (Du Page) WAYN 
Wayne City (Wayne) WAYN SIT-ee 
Waynesville (DeWitt) WAYNZ-vil 
Webster (Hancock) WEB-stuhr 
Wedron (La Salle) WED-ruhn 
Weldon (DeWitt) WEL-duhn 
Welge (Randolph) WELJ 
Wellington (Iroquois) WEL-ing-tuhn 
Wenona (Marshall) wmh-NOH-nah 

I 38 1 

West Brooklyn (Lee) WEST BROOK-lin 

West Chicago (Du Page) WEST shi-KAW-goh 

West End (Saline) WEST END 

Western Springs (Cook) WEST-ern SPRINGZ 

Westervelt (Shelby) WEST-er-velt 

Westfield (Clark) WEST-feeld 

West Frankfort (Franklin) WEST FRANK-fuhrt 

West Liberty (Jasper) WEST LIB-er-tee 

West McHenry (McHenry) WEST mik-HEN-ree 

Westmont (Du Page) WEST-mahnt 

Weston (McLean) WEST-tuhn 

West Point (Hancock) WEST poynt 

West Salem (Edwards) WEST SAY-luhm 

West Union (Clark) WEST UN-yuhn 

Westville (Vermilion) WEST-vil 

West York (Crawford) WEST YORK 

Wetaug (Pulaski) WEE-tog 

Wheaton (Du Page) WHEET-uhn 

Wheeler (Jasper) WHEE-ler 

Wheelmg (Cook) WHEE-ling 

White Hall (Greene) WHEYET HAWL 

White Heath (Piatt) WHEYET heeth 

Whittington (Franklin) WHIT-ing-tuhn 

Wichert (Kankakee) WITCH-ert 

Wilbern (Marshall) WIL-buhrn 

Williamsf^eld (Knox) WIL-yuhmz-feeld 

Williamsville (Sangamon) WIL-yuhmz-vil 

Willisville (Perry) WIL-is-vil 

Willow Hill (Jasper) WIL-loh HIL 

Willow Springs (Cook) WIL-loh SPRINGS 

Wilmette (Cook) wil-MET 

Wilmington (Will) WIL-ming-tuhn 

Wilson (Lake) WIL-suhn 

Wilsonville (Macoupin) WIL-suhn-vil 

Winchester (Scott) win-CHES-ter 

Windsor (Shelby) WIN-zer 

Winfield (Du Page) WIN-feeld 

Wing (Livingston) WING 

Winnebago (Winnebago) win-nuh-BAY-goh 

Winnetka (Cook) win-NET-kah 

Winslow (Stephenson) WIN-zloh 

Winthrop Harbor (Lake) WIN-thruhp HAHR-buhr 

Witt (Montgomery) WIT 

Woburn (Bond) WOH-buhrn 

Wolf Lake (Union) WOOLF LAYK 

Wonder Lake (McHenry) WON-der LAYK 

Woodbine (Jo Daviess) WOOD-beyen 

Wood Dale (Du Page) WOOD DAYL 

[ 39 ] 

Woodhull (Henry) WOOD-huhl 
Woodland (Iroquois) WOOD-luhnd 
Woodlawn (Jefferson) WOOD-lavvn 
Wood River (Madison) WOOD RIV-er 
Woodson (Morgan) W OO D-suhn 
Woodstock (McHenry) WOOD-stahk 
Woosung (Ogle) WOO-suhng 
Worden (Madison) WAHR-den 
Worth (Cook) WERTH 
Wrights (Greene) WREYETZ 
Wyanet (Bureau) weye-uh-NET 
Wyoming (Stark) weye-OH-ming 


Xenia (Clay) ZEE-nyuh 

Yale (Jasper) YAYL 

Yates City (Knox) YAYTS SIT-ee 

Yorkville (Kendall) YORK-vil 

Zearing (Bureau) ZEER-ing 
Zeigler (Franklin) ZIG-ler 
Zion (Lake) ZEYE-uhn 

[40 1 


Adams AD-uhmz 

Alexander AL-eg-ZAN-der 

Bond BOND 

Boone BOON 

Brown BROWN 

Bureau BU-roh 

Calhoun kal-HOON 

Carroll KAIR-uhl 

Cass KAS 

Champaign sham-PAYN 

Christian KRIS-chun 


Clay KLAY 

Clinton KLIN-tuhn 

Coles KOHLZ 

Cook KOOK 

Crawford KRAW-ferd 

Cumberland KUHM-ber-luhnd 

DeKalb duh-KALB 

DeWitt duh-WIT 

Douglas DUHG-luhs 

Du Page doo PAYJ 

Edgar ED-ger 

Edwards ED-werds 

Effingham EF-ing-ham 

Fayette fay-ET 


Franklin FRANK-lin 

Fulton FOOL-tuhn 

Gallatin GAL-luh-tin 

Greene GREEN 

Grundy GRUHN-dee 

Hamilton HAM-il-tuhn 

Hancock HAN-kok 

Hardin HAHR-din 

Henderson HEN-der-suhn 

Henry HEN-ri 

Iroquois IR-oh-kwoy 

Jackson JAK-suhn 

Jasper JAS-per 

Jefferson JEF-fer-suhn 

Jersey JER-zi 

Jo Daviess JOH DAY-vis 

Johnson JON-suhn 

Kane KAYN 

I 41 ] 

Kankakee kang-kuh-KEE 

Kendall KEN-duhl 

Knox NOX 

Lake LAYK 

La Salle luh SAL 

Lawrence LAW-rence 

Lee LEE 

Livingston LIV-ing-stuhn 

Logan LOH-guhn 

McDonough muhk-DUHN-uh 

McHenry muhk-HEN-ri 

McLean muhk-LAYN 

Macon MAY-kuhn 

Macoupin muh-KOO-pin 

Madison MAD-i-suhn 

Marion MAIR-i-uhn 

Marshall MAHR-shal 

Mason MAY-suhn 

Massac MAS-SAK 

Menard muh-NAHRD 

Mercer MER-ser 

Monroe muhn-ROH 

Montgomery mont-GUHM-er-i 

Morgan MOR-guhn 

Moultrie MOKL-tree 

Ogle OH-guhl 

Peoria pee-OH-ri-uh 

Perry PAIR-ree 

Piatt PEYE-AT 


Pope POHP 

Pulaski puh-LAS-ki 

Putnam PUHT-nuhm 

Randolph RAN-dolf 

Richland RICH-luhnd 

Rock Island RAHK EYE-luhnd 

Saint Clair saynt KLAIR 

Saline suh-LEEN 

Sangamon SANG-guh-muhn 

Schuyler SKEYE-ler 

Scott SKOT 

Shelby SHEL-bee 


Stephenson STEE-ven-suhn 

Tazewell TAZ-wel 

Union UN-yuhn 

Vermilion ver-MIL-yuhn 

Wabash WAH-bash 

I 42 ] 

Warren WOR-en 
Washington WOSH-ing-tuhn 
Wayne WAYN 
Whiteside WHEYET-seyed 
Will WIL 

Williamson WIL-yuhm-suhn 
Winnebago WIN-uh-BAY-goh 
Woodford WOOD-ferd 

I 43 ] 


Almost one hundred of the larger rivers and creeks 
in the state were selected for inclusion in this pronunci- 
ation guide. Initial letters are printed after each stream 
to indicate its general location in the state (C for cen- 
tral; N, north; SW, southwest; etc.). As most rivers 
flow through several counties, there are occasional 
cases where pronunciations vary somewhat along the 
course of the river. In such instances, an effort has 
been made to check with residents of different commu- 
nities and use that pronunciation which seems to be 
most widely accepted. One of the most common vari- 
ants is the pronunciation of the word "creek"; gener- 
ally speaking, "KREEK" is preferred to the colloquial 
"KRICK." Basic names of streams are listed alphabeti- 
cally, but the frequently used branch designations, such 
as Middle Fork and East Fork, are omitted. 

Apple Creek (SW) AP-puhl 

Apple River (NW) AP-puhl 

Bay Creek (WC) BAY 

Bear Creek (WC) BAIR 

Beaucoup Creek (SC) BUHK-koo 

Becks Creek (C) BEKS . 

Big Bay Creek (SC) BIG BAY 

Big Muddy River (SC) BIG MUHD-dee 

Black Walnut Creek (NE) BLAK WAWL-nuht 

Bonpas Creek (SE) BON-pah 

Bureau Creek (NC) BU-roh 

Cache River (S) KASH 

Cahokia Creek (SW) kuh-HOH-kee-uh 

Calumet River (NE) KAL-u-met 

Coon Creek (NC) KOON 

Copperas Creek (NW) KOP-per-uhs 

Crane Creek (C) KRAYN 

Crooked Creek (SC) KROOK-ed 

Des Plaines River (NE) des PLAYNZ 

Du Page River (NE) doo PAYJ 

Edwards River (NW) ED-werdz 

Elkhorn Creek (NW) ELK-hom 

Elm Creek (SE) ELM 

Embarrass River (E) AM-BRAW 

Flat Branch (C) FLAT BRANCH 

Fox River (NE; also SE) FOX 

Galena River (NW) guh-LEE-nuh 

Green River (NC) GREEN 

Hadley Creek (WC) HAD-lee 

[ 44 ] 

Henderson Creek (NW) HEN-der-suhn 

Hickory Creek (NE) HIK-oh-rce 

Hurricane Creek (C) HER-i-kayn 

Illinois River (NE to SW) IL-uh-noy 

Indian Creek (WC) IN-di-uhn 

Iroquois River (NE) IR-oh-kwoy 

Jackson Creek (NE) JAK-suhn 

Kankakee River (NE) kang-kuh-KEE 

Kaskaskia River (EC to SW) kas-KAS-kee-uh 

Kishwaukee River (NC) kish-WAW-kee 

Kyte River (NC) KEYET 

Lake Fork (C) LAYK FORK 

La Moine River (WC) luh-MOYN 

Lick Creek (C) LIK 

Little Indian Creek (NC) LIT-uhl IN-di-uhn 

Little Muddy River (SC) LIT-uhl MUHD-dee 

Little Vermilion River (EC) LIT-uhl ver-MIL-yuhn 

Little Wabash River (SE) LIT-uhl WAH-bash 

McKee Creek (WC) muh-KEE 

Mackinaw River (C) MAK-i-naw 

Macoupin Creek (SW) muh-KOO-pin 

Marys River (SW) MAIR-eez 

Mazon River (NE) muh-ZAHN 

Mississippi River (W) mis-i-SIP-i 

Mud Creek (EC; also SW) MUHD 

Muddy Creek (SE) MUHD-dee 

Ohio River (S) oh-HEYE-oh 

Otter Creek (SW) OT-ter 

Panther Creek (C) PAN-ther 

Pecatonica River (NW) PEK-uh-TAHN-i-kuh 

Piasa Creek (SW) PEYE-sah 

Piscasaw Creek (NC) PISK-uh-saw 

Plum River (NW) PLUHM 

Pope Creek (NW) POHP 

Quiver Creek (C) KWIV-er 

Richland Creek (NW) RICH-luhnd 

Rock Creek (NW) RAHK 

Rock River (NW) RAHK 

Rooks Creek (NC) ROOKS 

Saline River (SE) suh-LEEN 

Salt Creek (C) SAWLT 

Salt Fork (EC) SAWLT FORK 

Sandy Creek (NC) SAN-di 

Sangamon River (C) SANG-uh-muhn 

Shoal Creek (SW) SHOHL 

Silver Creek (SW) SIL-ver 

Sixmile Creek (WC) SIX-MEYEL 

Skillet Fork (SE) SKIL-et 

[ 45 ] 

Skokie River (NE) SKOH-kee 

Somonauk Creek (NC) SAHM-uh-nok 

Spoon River (WC) SPOON 

Spring Creek (C) SPRING 

Sugar Creek (WC; also C) SHOO-ger 

Swan Creek (WC) SWAHN 

Troublesome Creek (WC) TRUHB-'l-suhm 

Vermilion River (NC; also SE) ver-MIL-yuhn 

Wabash River (E) WAH-bash 

Wolf Creek (C) WOOLF 

Wood River (SW) WOOD 

[ 46 ] 


Apple River Canyon State Park (Jo Daviess) 

AP-puhl RIV-er KAN-yuhn 
Argyle Lake State Park (McDonough) 

Beaver Dam State Park (Macoupin) BEE-ver DAM 
Black Hawk State Park (Rock Island) BLAK HAWK 
Buffalo Rock State Park (La Salle) 

BUHF-uh-loh RAHK 
Cahokia Mounds State Park (Madison and St. Clair) 

kuh-HOH-kee-uh MOWNDS 
Cave-in-Rock State Park (Hardin) KAYV-in-RAHK 
Chain O'Lakes State Park (Lake) 

Channahon Parkway (Will) 

SHAN-nuh-hon PAHRK-way 
Dixon Springs State Park (Pope) 

Feme Clyffe State Park (Johnson) FIRN KLIF 
Fort Chartres State Park (Randolph) 


Fort Creve Coeur State Park (Tazewell) 

Fort Kaskaskia State Park (Randolph) 

FOHRT kas-KAS-kee-yuh 
Fort Massac State Park (Massac) 

Fox Ridge State Park (Coles) FOX RIJ 
Fox River State Park (La Salle) FOX RIV-er 
Gebhard Woods State Park (Grundy) 

Giant City State Park (Jackson and Union) 

JEYE-uhnt SIT-ee 
Grand Marais State Park (Saint Clair) 

GRAND muh-REYE-uh 
mini State Park (La Salle) il-LEYE-neye 
Illinois and Michigan Canal Parkway State Park 

(Du Page, Will, Grundy, and La Salle) 

il-i-NOY and MISH-i-guhn kun-NAL PAHRK-way 
Illinois Beach State Park (Lake) il-i-NOY BEECH 
Kankakee River State Park (Kankakee) 

kang-kuh-KEE RIV-er 
Kickapoo State Park (Vermilion) KIK-uh-poo 
Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park (Stephenson) 

LAYK lee-AK-wuh-nuh 
Lake Murphysboro State Park (Jackson) 

LAYK MUHR-fees-buhr-oh 

[ 47 1 

Lincoln Log Cabin State Park (Coles) 

LING-kuhn LOG KAB-in 
Lincoln Trail Homestead State Park (Macon) 

LING-kuhn TRAYL HOHM-sted 
Lincoln Trail State Park (Clark) LING-kuhn TRAYL 
Lowden Memorial State Park (Ogle) 

LOW-den muh-MOHR-i-uhl 
Matthiessen State Park Nature Area (La Salle) 

MATH-thuhs-sen STAYT PAHRK NAY-choor 

Mississippi Palisades State Park (Carroll) 

mis-i-SIP-i PAL-i-SAYDS 
Nauvoo State Park (Hancock) nah-VOO 
New Salem State Park (Menard) NU SAY-luhm 
Pere Marquette State Park (Jersey) 

PEER mahr-KET 
Prophetstown State Park (Whiteside) PROF-its-town 
Ramsey Lake State Park (Fayette) RAM-zee LAYK 
Red Hills State Park (Lawrence) RED HILS 
Siloam Springs State Park (Adams and Brown) 

Spitler Woods State Park (Macon) SPIT-ler WOODS 
Spring Lake State Park (Tazewell) SPRING LAYK 
Starved Rock State Park (La Salle) 

Weldon Springs State Park (DeWitt) 

White Pines Forest State Park (Ogle) 


[ 48 ] 



= S'ockion. Colif. 


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